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An 1850s vintage clothes wringer for laundry day The Victorian

An 1850s vintage clothes wringer for laundry day The Victorian


An 1850's vintage clothes wringer for laundry day.

Advertisement for universal clothes wringer, 1865. I have totally been the woman on the right.

Very old wooden wringer washing machine. My mother had a newer washing machine with a wringer that was run by electricity but it still took a day to do ...

Victorian Clothes Trades and Work 116 Washer woman, London - Quality Mouse Mat: Amazon.co.uk: Kitchen & Home

Ridged metal barrel-shaped dolly tub, 2 wooden dollies

M Sowden of Oaklands Park uses wringer-style twin-tub washing machine in 1950.......I had an Aunt who had one of these...she was proud to have a new " ...

1885 Clothespin Apron A80-Harp

A dress which, atypically, doesn't button in the front. Also atypical

Vtg Universal Horse Shoe Brand Clothes Hand Wringer No 350 Primitive Wood

Vintage Anchor Brand Clothes Wringer Model #352- Farmhouse Laundry

wash day... everyday!!! My mother had a mangle and I use to help her put the sheets through it

ANTIQUE LAUNDRY PHOTO - 1916 Farm Gal in Apron on the Porch doing Laundry - wash pails, wringer, basket ,washboard - great for laundry room


Mangle (machine)

Teen Day Dress 1850s Fashion, Civil War Dress, Victorian Women, Victorian Era,

Antique LOVELL clothes wringer on ladder


Brown wool work dress and apron, France, (Tasha Tudor Collection) -- Huge pockets on apron! So practical.

Vintage Gowns, Vintage Outfits, Vintage Clothing, Victorian Fashion, 1850s Fashion, Vintage Fashion, Corsage, 15 Dresses, Wedding Attire, ...

Original Civil War Era French Day Dress C 1865 | eBay Civil War Fashion, Victorian

Brown plaid silk day dress Date: ca. 1850-1855 Notes: Likely this

Drying clothes[edit]

Leslie Sunlight Soap Poster Ad Victorian Child Washing Clothes | eBay1000 x 1885 | 316KB | www.ebay.com

Like neckline 1850s Fashion, Victorian Gown, Victorian Fashion, Vintage Fashion, Robes Vintage

Laundry day Retro Housewife, Old Pictures, Vintage Pictures, Old Photos, The Good

Vans Unisex Authentic Skate Shoe

Beetle Wing Embroidered Organdy Bodice and Petticoat, ca. 1860 ** Victorian

The Universal Cog-Wheel Clothes Wringer. April 1865. Old Washing Machine, Laundry

Another nice sontag on the mother and a sash on the little girl civil war era fashion

A Old Turquoise Wringer Washing Machine Old Washing Machine, Washing Machines, Clotheslines, Avon

1860s brown-on-white calico dress. Gauged waist, b34", w28. Antique ClothingHistorical Clothing1800s ClothingVictorian ...

Laundromat~Oh boy things change!

252b722b60d4828c36e24bd91c0a8494.jpg (236×372) Victorian Women, Victorian Era Dresses, Victorian

19th century American Paintings: Charles Courtney Curran Laundry Art, Doing Laundry, Laundry Drying

c.1858-1860 cotton day dress | In the Swan's Shadow 1850s Fashion,

Hotpoint washing machine and wringer, model A.E.1 Hotpoint washing machine and wringer, model A.E.1, c.1950 Most early washing machines had no spin function ...

Girl's Dress with Pelerine. Victorian Children's Clothing1800s ClothingAntique ...

OMG that dress! Victorian Children's ClothingAntique ...

Woman's four-piece evening dress American, about United States Dimensions: Overall: x cm CF x 33 in. Bust) x 66 cm CB x 26 in. Waist) Medium or Technique: ...

Pioneer Dress, Civil War Dress, Dresses For Work, Day Dresses, Fabric Yarn, Outdoor Clothing, Working Class, Outdoor Outfit, Dress Sewing Patterns

Original Civil War Era French Day Dress C 1865 | eBay Civil War Fashion, Period

In the Swan's Shadow 1850s Fashion, Victorian

Antique clothing ringer - c.1870, Maine - all wooden rollers - Very rare

French laundresses work for hours a day. In the Scottish laundresses will be recorded doing non-stop shifts. Mary Collier, who works as a laundress until ...

Wasgoed Vintage Furniture, Washing Machines, Old Washing Machine, Vintage Stuff, Vintage Pink

Italian soprano (1811-1869), creator of the role of Norma, unmounted

From Victorian Working Women.

Electric Washing Machine 1940's Vintage 8x10 Reprint Of Old Photo

Victorian Occupational Photography: A Scottish highland women doing laundry, ca.

A wonderful girl's dress and pelerine cape made in England circa 1869. Victorian Children's Clothing

American Duchess:Historical Costuming | Historical Costuming and sewing of Rococo 18th century clothing,. Victorian ...

Girl's Dress 1860 Victorian Children's Clothing, Victorian Gown, Antique Clothing, Historical Clothing,

Civil War Fashion, Vintage Gowns, Vintage Outfits, Victorian Era Dresses, Victorian Costume

Dress Date: 1860 Culture: American Medium: wool civil war era Civil War Fashion

Old vintage wringer washer

“[Two Women, One Kneeling and One Standing, Looking into Basket Filled with

Victorian Laundry (or, Aren't You Glad You Didn't Live Then

Old Tin Sunny Monday Soap Shaver/Grater & Bar of Swan Soap. Find this Pin and more on Vintage Laundry & Clothing ...

Antique Washing Machine

Homespun Dress, ca. Collection of McKissick Museum, gift of O. - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!


Civil War Era Child's Lace Pinafore C 1860s | eBay Victorian Children's Clothing, Antique Clothing

Antique Victorian Wooden & Glass Washboard * Look

Merrily assists her landlady with her laundry service. // A Victorian woman and young girl hard at work on the family's laundry,

Old vintage wooden ironing board, the asbestos iron stand has been replaced with a metal

Victorian street life in London

Old post card Vintage Prints, Vintage Pictures, Vintage Images, Laundry Room Art,

K Vintage Labels, Vintage Ads, Vintage Signs, Vintage Ephemera, Vintage Paper,

Cap being worn Outdoors a house maid? or a woman at her well? Old

Lovell Wringer Roller NOS Washer Ringer

Antique Vintage Metal Laundry Clothes Washer Wringer Rollers - Hand Crank

Ausgustus Edwin Mulready - Little flower sellers. Augustus Edwin Mulready was a British Painter (

Vintage Childs Hand Crank Wringer Laundry Salesman Sample

1946 Maytag Washing Machine Vintage Advertisement Laundry Room Wall Art Laundromat Decor Home Decor Original Magazine

Antique Washing Machine

the little match girl Anderson Fairy Tales, The Little Match Girl, Illustration Girl,

Puting up with it, but hardly enthusiastic! She is holding the image of a

Excellent Pioneer clothing with links to free resources Pioneer Day, Pioneer Trek, Pioneer Woman

Washing clothes and household linen: 19th century laundry methods and equipment

1890's, [occupational tintype portrait of a gentleman with his hand crank washing machine] via Ebay

1919 woman washing with baby

Antique Anchor Brand Wash/Clothes Wringer No 770 1898 Lovell MFG

Collections Blog

Henry Mayhew and the London Poor, via Mark Patton at EHFA 19th Century London,

Aww ✨💖 Lasting Love, People In Love, Lithuania, People Kissing, Ageing

Young Women, Civilization, Backdrops


Antique Clothes Wringer Horse Shoe Brand # 180 American Wringer Co. USA

2 confederate soldiers washing with bat, bench, tub, and washboard

Dress | American | The Met. Victorian Children's ClothingAntique ...

Vintage LOVELL No. 32 Clothes Wringer Washer Erie, PA c clamps wood metal

CDV Photo Victorian Woman in Dress, Cape, Bonnet & Gloves with Umbrella & Purse

C.G. Davis - Blue Monday, ca 1880

1750-80 Mrs Grosvenor Landry Woman to the Queen Unknown British Artist 18th Century Fashion

... who he called 'Spitalfields nippers'. Credit: Horace Warner / The Religious Society of Friends in Britain. Two girls washing clothes on the ...

Work Dresses one of my favorites Work Dresses, Day Dresses, Period Outfit, Colonial

M.H. Kimball American (active 1860s) Rebecca, an Emancipated Slave, from New Orleans

Mamma is not only wearing a ring on her forefinger, but also a chatelaine at

An 1850's vintage clothes wringer for laundry day. | The Victorian World | Pinterest | Laundry